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Dean Says What

So I did a thing...

For those so inclined (and apparently there aren't many), I have, for no discernible reason, been DRIVEN to write Chicago Fire fic.

Severide/Casey. I love them. I also love their BFF Shay. I've never written anything that only has 22 fics (including mine) under the pairing tag. Or in any kind of fandom that has 100 fics total under its tag and most of those are x-overs. Like I'm 1% of the stories written. It's a whole new experience. I get ten hits and I'm giddy.

But its a compulsion really. I love this story. I hope those who read it like it too.

Title: Something More Than Instinct
Fandom: Chicago Fire
Pairing: Mathew Casey / Kelly Severide
Rating: R
Summary: When the building comes down he wakes up with no memories. With no baggage of the past he sees his future a little differently. Post S2 Finale.

Read Me.

Sunday Ficcing - Teen Wolf Edition

Story: Away From Home
Part: (1/4)
Rating: R
Warnings: It gets violent. Rest assured that  no children are hurt.

Derek tried to put his screaming son into the back seat. Dade was stubborn and hadn’t seemed to like going to the doctors, in fact he was still shifted. He was eight months old and already a handful. He had realized he had gotten lucky with Henry, it had eased him into parenting.

Derek’s phone rang.

“Hello,” Derek said, putting the phone on his shoulder and attempted to strap his son in.

“Hey Derek,” the Sheriff said. “Is Stiles with you?”

“No,” Derek said. “He isn’t at the station yet? I’m running behind, he was supposed to bring Henry there.”

“Not yet,” the Sheriff said. “ I tried calling a few times, he isn’t answering.”

“Did you try Lydia?” Derek asked, reaching for a stuffed hippo that Dade loved so much.

“She’s not answering either,” the Sheriff said quietly.

The hairs on the back of Derek’s neck rose. “She always answers her phone.”

“I know,” the Sheriff said. “That is what I’m worried about.”


On the Verge of the End Is the Beginning (Stiles/Derek, R)

Art link: World on Fire
Artist: cybel
Fic Title: On the Verge of the End Is the Beginning

Author: truelyesoteric
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles, Scott/Allison
Rating: R
Word Count: 6304
Warnings: Dystopian Future

Summary: One little fact changed the world. Peter Hale found Stiles in the woods. He became the wolf and the hunters took what was his. He made the world burn for his pain. That is when he became the wolf, The Alpha. The wolves and hunters looted the world until there was nothing left to save. The only way to go forward is to go back.

(A prequel to the series that takes place in the future)