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Sunday Ficcing: Wolf Edition

Title: Out of Control (1/5)
Genre: RPS AU
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Warning: Sex, Violence, My take on modern werewolves.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 35K, This part 8K
Beta: I’d like to thank enablelove as the best person in the universe. This was the story that would not be beta’d. Nobody wants to beta a story this long, that wasn’t a challenge. I pretty much just begged until she gave in and she did a great job.
-Also special thanks to ldyghst for the helps where needed!

Summary: Jared Padalecki and his inner circle work hard and play harder, everybody in the territory knows it. Everybody in all the neighboring territories knows it. Everybody knows that he is groomed to be head of the Pack, and he's poised to take over. Jared's father is waiting, though. Waiting to see what Jared will do about his brother, about the neighboring rowdy Pack, about a mate...


When the Cub Pack entered the club, everyone knew it. The music sped up and the flashing lights got more vibrant, but the atmosphere seemed to get heavy.

There were six of them; all Alphas.

They were tall, commanding, and good looking. Even those who didn’t know who they were, were drawn to them. They walked with purpose, as if they owned the world.

Chad, Katie, Sophia, Hartley, and Misha followed Jared and people parted, everyone stared with open lust, and moving to the beats of the music, hoping that their swaying bodies would attract the attention of the Pack.

The Cub Pack brought problems, but on nights when they would show up, liquor would flow and people would line up around the block.

“Drinks,” Jared said with out looking at anything but the fine array of flesh before him.

He was the center. The son of the Leader of the Padalecki Pack. The heir apparent. There wasn’t anything that he couldn’t have; he knew it and so did everyone else. Before the night was over, he would have whatever he wanted from this room.

Whatever he wanted.

From the time his father’s eyes had settled on him, hand clasped on his shoulder, the pack had fallen over themselves to satisfy his needs.

For years he had drank of excess like a starving man and there was always more.

That excess had stopped exciting him, even as he continued to indulge.

Chad went to get the drinks. He always did. He had learned to follow Jared’s orders because doing what needed to be done meant that he could do or say whatever he wanted. He was Jared’s right hand.

The club was an old church, high ceilings and wood beams contrasting with the activities within the walls. The lights were blue and red, making everyone writhing on the floor, the ‘Sanctuary’, look alien.

The Cub Pack strode into the VIP lounge, the Annex. They walked the stairs up to the balcony. It was their place, and nobody entered their space without an invitation.

They were all well aware that they were on display as they looked out over the balcony.

They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Usually they watched until they found something pretty. There were humans down there who were clueless, wanted the Alphas so badly it hurt, not knowing why. There were Betas who wanted a look, a night. Occasionally there were Alphas wanting to be mated, but more than satisfied with being bred.

Everyone would be satisfied with a moment of attention, whatever they could get.

Hartley usually had collected two or three girls by the time they were in the lounge. He was the one wearing expensive things; His watch cost more than most people made in a year. He was always the one throwing money around. He was tall, blonde, and usually was the one who got them in trouble. He could talk and think circles around everybody.

Misha liked to lean back and let the girls flock to him; he was the Cub Pack’s eyes and ears. He saw and remembered everything. In private, he was the one who could give a very accurate, almost cutting to the bone assessment of anyone they had come in contact with.

Katie and Sophia were the loud ones, more dangerous than most. They were Alpha females, sharp and vicious. They were nearing thirty and had rebuffed most men and all Alphas. They knew no matter how strong they were, how much power they welded, bearing pups would be their first responsibility, and they were far too selfish for that. They wanted this life and were determined to keep it.

You didn’t want to fuck with any of the six.

Chad returned by Jared’s side. Jared sat in the middle looking down at the world.

One day all the territory would be his.

Tonight this room was his.

“Them,” Jared said and it was as if a shudder went through the club. The people on the floor looked up, they knew who they were, what they were wanted for.

The girl was tall and leggy with a ridiculously short shirt. She was on Jared’s lap with his fingers rubbing between her legs within minutes.

She was needy and desperate and Jared once fed off of that energy. Now it seemed a little pathetic to him.

They used to walk in laughing, calling out to people that they knew. Katie and Sophia used to dance on the floor, mixing with the mortals. They used to be a part of this world instead of ruling it. It was a fine distinction, but there were things going on, the wariness had made the Cub Pack insulate against the world, to pull into themselves.

It made everybody want them even more.

Jared had a girl in his lap and a lanky guy on his knees mouthing along his cock in his pants. The girl was mewling as Jared’s fingers fucked her, the smell of her orgasm coming into the room. The guy was looking up, eyes rimmed in kohl, begging for permission to unbuckle Jared’s pants.

Jared nodded. Then he looked out into the club. He would fuck them both in full view of everyone.

He was electric and edgy and he would fuck to calm that, drink to numb that, and be aware that this was meaningless and it wasn’t enough for him any more.

He had sired pups, so his lineage was secure. He had the blessing so his future was sure. He wanted for nothing. Everything was set.

Everything was even more precarious.

His father was waning and his brother was sullenly eyeing the head of the pack.

The pressure had scared away carefree days.

The obscene orgy of his life was a front as he settled into his place.

He looked out at the club, hazel eyes hard and impassive. He watched the bodies flow to the beat of the music, everyone was touching, everyone was vibrant and alive. He would call them all and they would burn around his cock, beg for more.

But none of them was enough for him. He was reaching full power and he was finding none of them was remotely interesting to him for more than tonight. A lone wolf leader wasn’t unheard of, but his father still held hope.

He was beginning to think that nobody ever would fit him.

His lips curled into a sharp smile and the wolf sung in his veins.

He was the strongest thing in this room. It was enough. He could be enough.

He patted the head of the guy blowing him, then pushed him out of the way. They girl on his lap was almost done, she was soaking wet and she was already pulsing around his cock. The guy licked his lips, Jared tilted his head, they both knew that he would be next. The guy was already palming his own cock through his pants, ready.

He was enough, he had to be.


Jared was comfortable anywhere in the territory, and he’d never been beyond. There was no need. He knew the terrain in the territory, and in the last few years he had learned comfort in the office.

He had never worked in the office often before he was selected, but after he had shown command at the human side of things as much as the wolf. The Pack lived side by side with the humans, but the pack owned much in the territory, always keeping an edge over the humans. Jared had been hungry to know it all.

Gerald Padalecki was old and grizzled, white hair gleaming on his tall shoulders. He had inherited leader and kept it with brute strength, deadly cunning, and when failing, sheer force of will. He was considered a good leader, strong and fair.

He had shown Jared all of his secrets, he had patiently taught him the business and how to deal with the pack in ever changing times. Hartley had been quicker to absorb the business and as Jared’s sub-pack began to show adeptness, Gerald had taken them in too. A true leader needed a trusted team.

Jared had excelled, and they all knew it was close to time when Gerald was going to go to the Elders. They didn’t call it retirement or exile, he was just going to go to a better place.

But he stayed, until he felt Jared was up for all of it.

Jared didn’t know what his father was waiting for, but he trusted his father.

Their boardroom was set up to intimidate, to show anyone would had come into the Padalecki arena who was boss. On the Padalecki side, the chairs were slightly bigger, the table rounding so that the Padalecki Heads were a little more intimidating.

It hadn’t failed yet.

Jared was by his father’s side in the boardroom. Jared looked straight ahead; he knew exactly where his people were.

Misha, the one who knew diplomacy best, was on his father’s other side with Hartley who knew the business best, Chad by Jared’s side. Katie and Sophia were sitting on the far side, knowing the meat of interactions. Jared wasn’t too proud to admit that his people were better at their areas than him, he depended on them and he was able to pull everything together evenly.

It was almost time. Everyone knew it.

Jared’s father looked at him with the assumed arrogance and pride that he has always had for Jared. Jared looked back at him, as if they were going to start laughing at a joke at somebody else’s expense.

Jared wasn’t the only progeny of Gerald Padalecki, but there had never been any other choice for Gerald. Something that older brother Jeff hadn’t liked. He had been almost surprised that Jared had been chosen, but he really was the only one who was. He hadn’t been happy to find this out. It caused some problems, to put it lightly. It was still causing some problems, that on a day very soon Jared was going to have to deal with.

Jeff had been born first by six years. He had always assumed that he would have everything. Jared had grown up without pressure and very competitive. Anything that he brother had done he did much better. By the time he was thirteen to everyone but Jeff Padalecki it was clear who was going to be next in line.

When Jeff had found out he called Jared out. Jared had soundly beaten him. Jeff had gotten up off the dirt after that fight and snarled that he wasn’t done. He underhandedly had been nipping at Jared since then. Attempts on Jared’s life had happened twice, attempts at ruining Jared and the Cub Pack’s deals were common, and Jeff was getting better at it.

The embassy from the Ackles came in. Jared eyed them, as this was his first meeting with them from the table. Gerald had kept him focused on internal matters and only peripherally was Jared aware of the pacts that held between other Packs. Everyone in the room knew that Gerald was introducing him as a precursor to succession. This was the big time.

The Ackles sat on the other side.

Jared remembered them from when he was young, but hadn’t seen them in years.

The Patriarch Alan and the chosen future Josh sat at the center. They were the ones that Jared should be paying attention to. However Jensen Ackles, the second son walked in the room and Jared couldn’t look away.

Jensen was poised and buttoned down and for the life of him Jared had no idea what the instant draw to him was. His face was pretty, but Jared knew plenty of pretty.

Jensen walked in the room and Jared was hyper aware of him. His father had been talking for a few minutes before Jared metaphorically rolled up his tongue and attempted to listen to the meeting.

They observed the formality and Jared just smiled at it. it was quaint to him, unnecessary, but it felt good that it was being observed.

His eyes wandered to Jensen again. Jensen Ackles in his dark blue suit. Jensen Ackles with his green eyes firmly focused on whoever was speaking, as if their words held all the secrets to life.

Jared knew his place, that he had nothing to say, that he was supposed to listen.

But he wanted to say something just so Jensen Ackles would look at him with that poise and intensity.

Conversations started, both hashing out detail. The Ackles had money and power and their thumb on the pulse of the humans. The Padalecki’s had the strength and were respected in other packs. Their partnership worked well for both.

Jared really wanted to pay attention, but the details were details and a little mind numbing. It didn’t help that he could smell Jensen, could hear every move of his muscles as he shifted in his chair, could almost feel the heat coming off of Jensen’s skin.

His eyes lingered on Jensen; Jensen Ackles had grown up.

Boy oh boy, Jensen Ackles had grown up.

They had met as children, back when these meetings were less of a formality and more of a necessity. They had been left often on his father’s compound and expected to play. Jared had been short and chubby, not showing the markers of leadership. Jensen had been smart and athletic, and he had never let Jared forget it. Jared had hated him, but his thoughts were changing a little on that front. He was a little dizzy, something that others in the room could probably smell wafting off him, but not something he cared about now.

Jared knew that he wasn’t the same kid, but something had happened to Jensen. The goofy ears, duck lips, and the girly eyes had settled a bit and looked down right appetizing amongst his cheekbones and freckles. He didn’t look like a pretty boy anymore, he was a mouth watering man.

There was more, there was something about his presence. He looked quiet, strong and unmovable, sitting there in his suit. He vibrated with something unleashed under the forced stillness. It made Jared want to see what happened when Jensen wasn’t quiet. There were whispers of cracks under the perfect Jensen exterior; Jared stared at him as if that would reveal what was in Jensen.

This analyzing took his mind from the meeting, one he should be aware of, he figured it was okay, that is why he had the Cub Pack. So he kept staring.

This was the epicenter of the peace of five generations, there were only Alphas in this room. This room was the center of the two most powerful packs in the Northern Hemisphere.

Green eyes never looked up at him, although Jared fell into just staring. Jensen kept right at his job. Those long fingers flexing over the pen, lips bitten in concentration.

Jared knew what it took to resist him.

He smiled at the thought of how hard it must be for Jensen right now, how hard all of him would be.

“Cut it,” his father growled, low, but they were all wolves under the skin, they all could hear it clearly.

Jared pressed his lips together and bowed his head before he could stop it, but he steadied himself. It was because his father was still his Alpha, he always would be. He had been reprimanded like a child, but he wouldn’t sulk like one.

When he looked up those green eyes found him for the first time. Jared steadied his face to be impassive, but those eyes looked at him, without fear, just cold, telegraphing him how much he didn’t care for Jared.

There was nothing in that look that didn’t do lots of things for Jared.

Jared’s father looked between them, his great mind already going a million miles an hour.

“Maybe Jensen should stay to finalize,” Gerald finally said, almost as an afterthought.

Jensen looked up, enraged.

Alan looked between the two boys. “I think he should.”

Jensen looked at his father with an icy glare, because they all knew what had just been offered and been accepted. They had just thrown Jensen down as a peace treaty. They had just thrown him at Jared.

The stormy look on Jensen’s face showed just how much he wasn’t pleased to be a cog in the continued peace between the two.

Jared leaned back. This was a bucket of ice water on his lusty mood. Jared didn’t want to court anyone. He felt a visceral urge towards Jensen, but he wasn’t thinking about mating the bully of his youth.

He knew from the whispers that there was something ‘wrong’ with Jensen. For a long time there was talk about Jensen, talk of his strength, of his mind. People said that he was as impressive as it got.

But Josh had been chosen to inherit and Jensen was sitting at the table that would be his brother’s. Whatever the reasons were for not picking Jensen, they were probably the reasons that Jared wouldn’t want to mate him. Jared only had people he could trust in his inner circle.

But Jared’s eyes ran over the wonderfully freckled skin of Jensen Ackles.

He had felt on edge, going through the day-to-day familiar.

Something like Jensen Ackles would definitely take a whole lot of the edge off.


After the meeting, they exited to the lobby. There were a few private discussions that had to be had before they could leave.

Jared was leaning against the wall, watching Jensen speak angrily to his father. Jared was really appreciating the view, amused at Jensen’s discomfort; he always found that distress showed who you really were.

Apparently Jensen was a little bit of a force to be reckoned with.

The rest of the Pack had disbanded. Sophia and Katie knew better than to be around him when his pheromones were like this. Hartley and Misha had actual business to do for the running of the pack. Chad was sent off to get Jensen’s rooms ready.

Jensen was going to be given his own bungalow, something Jared really hoped was for show. He kind of had ideas where Jensen could stay for his limited time.

It was his father who came up to him, face dark.

“If you have it in you,” his father told him, almost menacingly. “That would be ideal for a mate. He’s strong and a second. He would be the kind to stand by your side, I’ve seen him fight and his dedication is amazing. He’s got brains. I know you are wanting to be all lone wolf leader, but if you think that you ever will this is the one that you will want.”

“Why wasn’t he chosen?” Jared asked.

Gerald raised an eyebrow. “You know that kind of thing doesn’t go outside of the inner circle.”

“There has to be something wrong with him,” Jared said with a shrug. “I mean I’ll show him a good time, but don’t make me waste my time.”

“Try keeping it your pants,” his father ordered. “Get to know him before you fuck him. Stop thinking that you know every goddamned thing. How the hell are you going to run this place? A real leader knows how watch until he sees what is really there before making a decision.”

Jared let out a little puppy whine, something that only his father would ever hear.

“Please,” his father said on the edge of patience.

Jared pulled himself together for a second. He respected his father enough.

Then he looked at Jensen, who was glaring at him. This situation seemed a whole lot less amusing than a moment before.

Gerald walked away and Jared stood there waiting. He came over with a stormy look on his face.

Jared just let Jensen looking at him wash over him. The stood poised, reading each other, looking for footing.

Jared figured that Jensen would be one for diplomacy and short replies.

He was wrong.

“I’m going to be here two months,” Jensen informed him, leaning in close, taking in his scent. “But I’m going to leave still mine. I’m not going to be your bitch. I have no doubt that I’ll probably end up in your bed, but you will have to order me there. If you want to fuck me, the only way that is happening is if you make me.”

The conscious thought faded and instinct and emotion took over.

Jared growled and jumped towards him, pinning him against the wall, not touching, just scenting him.

Then Jared leaned down and whispered hot in his ear. “You are going to come willingly.”

Jensen’s breath was ragged.

“You are going to beg for my cock,” Jared growled, his wolf so close, feeling nothing but the animal. “I’m going to fuck you like a bitch.”

The hit came so fast Jared was on the ground, looking up at stars and Jensen.

Jensen looked calm and composed.

“I don’t see that happening,” he said and walked away.


Jared had picked himself off the floor and attempted to gather his dignity before going to where his people were waiting outside the building.

They were there, as expected.

“He’s making us wait?” Hartley asked, leaning against the Humvee. Katie and Sophia were standing with him, watching Jared, to see what his reaction was. They all were tense, waiting to follow Jared’s lead on this.

Misha stood next to Jared silently. This was uncharted water, to see Jared not get what he wanted automatically. They were all fascinated. They had known him since birth, taken their first steps together, and knew everything. Something new in Jared was something interesting.

Jared gave a lazy grin and put on his sunglasses.

Hartley chewed his gum and grinned. “This. This is going to be fun.”

Jared turned towards Misha. “How do I play this?”

They all knew that Misha could read people to get what they wanted. They just didn’t know if their games would work today. They had all heard Jared state that he was going to be a lone wolf Leader. They all hoped better, but they didn’t know if they would see the day. They all were thinking that that day may be soon, if they could keep this in check. They were all wondering if Jensen would be the ‘enough’ that Jared was looking for. He had never reacted so instantly interested in anyone.

Misha shrugged. “What is your end game?”

“Him. Willingly,” Jared replied.

Misha looked up at him. Jared crossed his arms; Misha was consistently the one person who never blew smoke up his ass.

“You’ll be maintaining Alpha status in the relationship?” Misha continued, steadying his expression.

“Of course,” Jared said.

“He’s not going to be forced,” Misha said after a moment of thought. “Be indifferent. Make him want you.”

They all knew that maybe that would keep Jared from fucking him right away, so that he could maybe figure out what was going on before he ruined it.

“Incoming,” Hartley said, noticing Jensen exiting the elevators.

Misha shifted his conversation to pretend that they weren’t plotting about Jensen’s ass. “On the east side there is some trouble brewing….”

Jared interrupted with a laugh. “Hi Jensen, ready to come?”

None of the Cub Pack changed expression with the terminology; they didn’t even know if Jared had realized it. Jensen did and blanched.

Jensen shifted his bags, stance defiant. “I thought I’d just get a hotel.”

Katie snorted, that was not going to happen.

“You’re of the Ackles bloodline,” Misha said evenly. “It is only right that you stay with the Padalecki bloodline.”

Jensen looked like he was about to say ‘hell to the fucking no.’

Hartley threw an arm around his shoulders, pulled him to the cars and talked quickly enough so that Jensen would just give up hope at ever getting a word in edgewise. “Welcome, our casa es su casa. It is actually a compound. You will have a guesthouse of your own. We all live on the compound. Meet the team. Katie and Sophia are gorgeous, but if you touch either of them, they will probably cut off your dick. Misha knows everything if you have any questions. I talk and Chad, who is at the compound, does. We all live together and play together and for the next two months we are going to have fun.”

Jensen looked over at Jared who was listening to something that Misha was whispering in his ear.

“I’m driving this beast,” Hartley continued, watching Jensen carefully as he caressed the Humvee. “Katie is driving the other. Sophia and Misha are in that one so you should probably come with Jared and me.”

Hartley kept talking on and on, but Jensen stopped listening and stared at the ground. Jared stayed with Misha for an inordinate amount of time. Jensen was aware of Jared every second.

Hartley kept talking until Jensen was shifting on his feet anxiously.

But he waited quietly, nodding respectfully to Hartley until after what felt like an eternity, Jared got in Hartley’s Humvee. Misha got in the other one, phone already attached to his ear.


Jensen sat in the backseat listening to Hartley tell Jared things, some of it was unimportant, but sprinkled in there was things about the territory. Jensen pricked his ears at those, he wanted to ask questions, but Jensen got the impression that he was being ignored.

Minutes ago Jared had been streaming so many pheromones at him that he was getting dizzy. Hitting the future leader of the Padalecki clan wasn’t the brightest thing in the world, but he just couldn’t think with Jared Padalecki in his face, breathing on him.

It was a close thing if he was going to smash Jared’s face in or take him up on his offer and start begging right there.

He sat in the back seat and seethed at what his life was, what it had become. He was the little peace treaty bitch. He would pretend, but he wasn’t going to like it.

Jensen knew that was why his father had chosen Josh. Jensen was stronger and smarter, but his father knew that Jensen was holding himself in control. He was just too stiff. Growing up, he had some lapses. Other wolves had hit some soft spot, some insecurity. He had woken up more than once or twice, mouth still circled with dried blood, fingernails caked with it.

He was Jensen, and he was the wolf, but he was never both. He knew this was the reason he was kept under watch. He knew this was the reason that his father hadn’t chosen him and why Jared wouldn’t either.

Control wasn’t something that he was, it was just something that he had to claw to hold on to and that wasn’t what a leader needed to be.

Adding insult to injury, Jensen was sore that he was being offered to little Jared Padalecki like a tribute. Jensen was more than a little pissed off that the pup he used to kick around for show turned out to be everything that he wanted to be and he was supposed to be the adoring submissive.

He seethed until the car stopped. He was going to be a pain in the ass because he did not want to be here. He knew this wasn’t him, but his wolf and his person were fighting and he wanted nothing to do with either of them.

“Welcome to the compound,” Hartley said.

Jensen looked up and there was a large house, surrounded by five smaller houses. In the middle was a stretch of grass and a large pool. Beyond the houses was a long stretch of flat land.

The main house had huge glass windows, the beginnings of the sunset glinting off the surface. It was simple, classic, and fit with the landscape. These were not words that he expected to associate with Jared Padalecki, but his house was perfect.

The slightly smaller houses that formed a perimeter around the central courtyard and pool were similar architecture; there were even flowers around the houses. Jared had called it home and it wasn’t the huge mansion that Jensen had grown up in, with its sprawling wings, but Jensen was struck by how much like home that it seemed.

Jensen saw it and was able to get out of himself enough to be impressed.

It was on the edge of the empty grasslands. Jensen’s mouth went dry at the urge to run, not to run away, but to just run into it, to be part of the landscape.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Jared said.

Jensen jumped. He hadn’t even heard Jared, but there he was, the words flowing up his skin and creating goosebumps.

“We’ll go for a run tonight,” Jared said in a vaguely hypnotic voice. “We will call on our animals and just run until we can’t breathe.”

Jensen closed his eyes, because Jared was calling for him to bring everything out. Jared was reading his mind. Jared knew what the wolf wanted. Jensen didn’t speak; because that wasn’t something he wanted to show anyone.

“Jared,” Misha said. “You have a call.”

Jared was gone again and Jensen felt like he could breathe again. Like he could put everything back in a proper order.

Chad came up beside him after a few beats.

“You’re in Sophia’s house, she and Katie are going to bunk up,” Chad said, steering him towards one of the houses.

Jensen was lead to one of the bungalows, Chad chatting on about the house and making lists for the housekeeper of what he needed for his stay. Jensen was having trouble with worrying about toothpaste at this moment with all the hormones pumping through his body.

“Do you want the number for the ‘personal’ service?” Chad asked out of the blue.

Jensen just looked at him.

“They send over guys or girls or whatever you like,” Chad said. “You know for working out tension. Seems like you have some tension you need working out.”

Jensen looked for the crazy on his face, he was quite sure that he was losing his mind. Jared had flipped his switch and now his people were offering him hookers.

“I’ll be fine,” Jensen said in a clipped tone, looking at the door to the house. He wanted to escape the flipped up world he had been dropped in.

Chad gave him a smile and walked away.


“And then I offered him the hooker service,” Chad said, giggling hysterically.

Misha patted the tips of his fingers together. “We should so get one of those.”

Katie and Sophia were laughing.

“I wonder how soon Jared would feed you your balls if you did that,” Hartley pondered.

“Dude I’d be a eunuch before I could say ‘what hookers’? Chad muttered.

Hartley craned his neck again so he could see out the window. “Show time.”

The girls and Chad scurried to the window.

“Remind me again why I don’t fuck him?” Sophia sighed, one hand coming to rub against the curve of her breast.

Katie’s fingers joined hers. “He is one well built man.”

They watched as Jared did laps in the pool.

Completely nude.

“His cock is pretty awesome,” Misha said.

They all looked to where he was sitting.

Misha noticed they were looking at him.

“So I’ve heard,” Misha said with that smile that you never knew if he had heard it or if it was experience. They didn’t talk about who had or had not had Jared.

Misha smiled at them and waved to the window, they all looked back at Jared’s powerful body slicing through the water, it flowed over his muscled back as those long legs kicked, making little splashes.

“I give Jensen ten minutes,” Chad said, staring.

“You’re drooling,” Hartley informed him. “And Jensen seems to be made of tough stuff.”

“What are the terms?” Sophia purred as Katie’s hand slipped under her shirt. “We’re so betting on this.”


Jensen was well aware what Jared was doing, swimming naked in the sunset, color gleaming off his tan skin as he skinned through the water.

That man could move as if he had invented it.

Jensen knew that he was being taunted with the very firm and nice ass that was Jared Padalecki.

He knew what this was and he wasn’t going to cave.

However, if Jared wished to put himself on display, he wasn’t going suffer with a stiff upper lip. Jensen could appreciate it even if he weren’t going to be fucked by that absurdly large man.

Jensen wrapped his hand around his cock and watched the sure confident strokes and matched them. He was almost there when Jared pushed himself out of the pool, muscles flexing, water cascading down his body as he emerged from the water.

Jared exited the pool, body catching the last strains of the sunset.. Jensen got a great full frontal view of Jared. Jared was half hard and Jensen had to grip himself at the sight.

It was then that Jared looked up at the window, those hazel eyes knowing exactly what he was doing.

Jensen came with a moan that he had no doubt Jared’s ears picked up.


Jensen came out of the shower to find Katie on his bed, long legs and short shorts and a plaid button down that really didn’t button down very far.

She sniffed a little when he came out of the bathroom and grinned.

“You smell sexy,” she said in a bored voice and for all the world he was sure that she knew what he was doing while Jared was swimming.

“You don’t look like we’re going out,” Jensen said, taking the casual route and rubbing his hair with a towel, before turning to find clothes and underwear. He decided if this group was going to try like hell to make him turned on and uncomfortable, then he wasn’t gong to play the blushing prude. He was made of bigger stuff than that

She got a little smile on her face that was a little sinister, her eyes raked up and down his body. There was a little bit of appreciation in there too..

“Such a pity. If only he wouldn’t kill me for touching,” she muttered and then shrugged and the bored look came over her face once more. “We don’t go out on the full moon nights.”

Jensen raised an eyebrow.

“It’s Jared’s thing,” she shrugged. “We eat barbeque. We run. Be there.”

Jensen raised an eyebrow as she flounced out.

He reached for a pair of pants and a t-shirt, feeling a little grateful that he wasn’t going to be urged to be an entourage of the Cub Pack on the first night. He knew about their evenings out, but it would be nice to get to know them without watching them fucking something first.

Because that is what this group did.

They were flawless at the head of Padalecki Enterprises, but they ripped up the town with the parties, with the carousing, with the wild life that they led. That was what he was expecting. That is what all the rumors said.

Jensen walked out to a very different scene, they were all half dressed, like a wet dream. They were all running around - Hartley and Katie had squirt guns while Sophia and Chad were trying to get the squirt guns. They looked young and carefree.

Which Jensen thought to be a lie.

He exited the house and watched them.

“Nobody sees this,” a voice said behind him. Jensen didn’t jump, just tried to stay still and not react. The voice belonged to Jared who was very close. Close enough that his words were dusting Jensen’s neck.

Jensen just stood there looking at the courtyard, not responding.

“For twenty-five days we work like dogs and party like wild animals, but on the full moon, on those days when the wolf is loudest under our skins, we let ourselves abandon the urges of our flesh and be what we really are.”

Jensen bit back a moan, but he was not going to turn dammit. In his mind’s eye, Jared was still naked, and Jensen didn’t want to find the truth of the thought. They stood like that, breaths coming slowly, keyed up under their skin.

He felt Jared step forward.

He could feel Jared move closer; the heat of his skin ghosting over Jensen’s, creating a fire. The hitch in Jared’s breath let Jensen know he wasn’t the only one to feel something between them.

“I want to touch you so badly,” Jared told him, voice raw.

Jensen closed his eyes, fighting the need to beg for Jared to do that and never stop. He was an Alpha. He was third, only behind his brother and his father. But he swore that he never was going to beg, never going to be a bitch. He was an Alpha, just like the six other people in this place. He wasn’t going to bow. He belonged at their side, not on his knees

“Food is ready,” Misha yelled to them and the moment was shattered.

Jared moved away and didn’t look back. Jensen turned around finally to watch the man go. Jared was dressed in board shorts and a wife beater. Jensen took a deep breath, realizing that he had been holding it all that time.

Jensen stared and waited long enough before walking towards the food so that it wouldn’t seem like he was following Jared.

They came down and all sat by the fire, each grabbing plates of burgers and ribs, making messes of themselves as night fell.

Jensen just listened, learning them. They spoke in clips and phrases, built on a long association. They were equals here, where no one could see them. Jensen felt like an outsider; he knew that this was the core and that he wasn’t part of it.

Misha came over with another hamburger and Hartley gave Jensen a beer. Chad idly shot him with a squirt gun, to which he growled and everybody else laughed.

It took Jensen a moment to realize that they were giving him a chance.

Jensen remained silent but not sullen, not sure if he wanted any of it.

As the moon rose, the conversation began to wane, and each of them began to look to the horizon. Then they looked towards Jared.

Jared sat back, more calmly than Jensen thought should be allowed. Jensen was beginning to feel the edge of something that he couldn’t describe. He was antsy and itching. He was always surrounded by houses, by buildings, by people, but here it was a wide stretch of land. He didn’t feel constrained and he wanted to let loose.

Jared finally stood up and stripped off his shirt; this time it was nothing sexual.

“Let’s go,” he said, and almost in a blink he was changing, fur taking over his bronzed skin. The rest of the group excitedly stripped and almost instantly changed into the forms that had just been waiting under the surface.

Jensen followed, without thinking about it.

Soon they were seven wolves, taking across the dry Texas land, puffs of smoke flying as they ate up the ground, giddy and free.

Jensen-wolf ran to the front, to find Jared-wolf. Jensen-wolf ran so fast it looked like racing, but he was challenging Jared, pushing him to run faster. The two of them were running flat out with miles of earth to push themselves as the heavy moon watched.

Jensen-wolf’s lungs burned, his muscles ached, but he didn’t care, running by Jared-wolf’s side was the most freedom that he had ever felt. For some reason letting go now was undeniable.

Jensen-wolf felt the prickle of the intruders before he saw them. Jared-wolf slowed and Jensen-wolf stopped just before him.

Five wolves came upon them. Jensen-wolf growled low in his throat, standing before Jared-wolf and the others. Jensen-wolf lunged into the crowd while Jared-wolf stood his ground and watched as Jensen-wolf snapped at them, his jaws biting down on a leg that didn’t move away fast enough.

The wolf changed into a man, but Jensen-wolf didn’t let up his bite.

“Padalecki, call off your boy,” Chambers growled and whimpered.

Jensen-wolf felt a hand at the scruff of his furry neck.

“Down, Jensen,” Jared said, standing tall and naked next to Jensen’s wolf form.

Jensen-wolf immediately released his leg and Jared patted his head. Jensen-wolf didn’t take his eyes off the other wolves, but he leaned into the touch.

The man on the ground glared up at Jared.

“Good little bitch you got there,” Chambers said snidely.

Jared clamped down on Jensen-wolf’s neck just as he lunged. Jensen-wolf growled, but Jared held him still.

“Get you and your wolves out of our territory,” Jared said calmly, voice boiling under the surface with anger. “Or I will let him take you all on and tear you the fuck apart.”

Chambers made a face and Jared let go of Jensen-wolf just a little. He lunged forward, snarling. Chambers stood up and lifted his hands in the air.

Jensen felt the rest of Jared’s pack arrive and they shifted into humans, standing behind Jared. Jensen stayed in his wolf form and growled. He was too animal to change; he stood between Jared and the intruders.

The Cub Pack watched as Chamber’s eyes went to behind Jared, looking at the naked flesh.

Jensen-wolf growled again.

Chambers nodded to his pack and the crew of them left.

Jared let his grip go, but kept his hand on Jensen-wolf’s neck. Jensen-wolf stood there, watching them leave. Jared didn’t turn to the people behind him as he spoke.

“Go,” he said solemnly.

He knew that they would be gone without a word.

Jared swallowed and looked down at the wolf before him who was still standing, hair bristling. He knelt down and forced the wolf’s eyes to his.

For a bit they sat there, neither looking away. Jensen-wolf let out a little growl.

“Change,” Jared said as soothingly as he could.

The wolf whimpered and huffed, but Jensen slowly emerged from his fur. Jensen looked up at him defiantly.

They sat there naked under the full moon and the stars, the only thing around was a long stretch of flat land.

Jensen was breathing hard.

“Are you in control?” Jared asked evenly.

Jensen felt the rage, felt the anger, all of it was at Jared. He couldn’t stand that a kid four years younger than him was telling him something about control, this kid had control in spades and Jensen seethed and hated him for it.

“On your knees,” Jared said firmly.

Jensen glared, not even his brother or father never asked him this, and they were the only ones who he respected enough to consider it for.

Jared took his chin and his voice came out a command. “Kneel.”

Jensen couldn’t stop himself from sinking to his knees before the magnificently naked Jared Padalecki.

Jared may have been a child when Jensen had seen him last, but now he was everything a leader, an Alpha, should be and Jensen ‘s blood was pounding. He was having trouble remembering why he didn’t start begging there and then.

“You’re in my house,” Jared said, voice pitched low. “I wanted you there because I wanted to show you exactly who I am. I remember you from when we were kids. You were always the one kicking sand in my face. I was so happy that you weren’t chosen. You are stronger than Joshua, word is that your smarts are beyond my guys. I wondered why your father didn’t choose you. But perfection is a lie, isn’t it? Your perfection is there only because you can’t be anything else. Because you don’t want everybody to know you are on a knife’s edge.”

Jensen tried to look down, but Jared pushed his chin up.

“I still want to fuck you, and I still want you to beg for it,” Jared said firmly. “But you don’t need to fall apart under my dick. You could so easily fall apart at any give time; I’ve seen it tonight. You need a tether and now I want to fuck you more. I want to bind you up and make you listen to my voice, as if it is the only thing that ties you to this world. I want my voice to be the one that you respond to. I want to bind you up, tie you around, and be in you.”

Jensen whimpered as he knelt in the dirt, looking up at the long stretch of Jared’s naked skin gleaming in the moonlight.

“You have two choices,” Jared said huskily. “You can stay and there is a really good chance you’ll beg for me by the end of the week. Or you can leave and keep your illusions.”

Jared stretched, preparing to change. “If you run fast enough you’ll be in your territory by dawn.”

Jensen didn’t move a muscle.

“Choose a path,” Jared said, stretching to change again. “And run that way.”

Part II
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  • So I did a thing...

    For those so inclined (and apparently there aren't many), I have, for no discernible reason, been DRIVEN to write Chicago Fire fic.…

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