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Here is all my fanfiction compiled in one easy list. Feel free to pimp your favorite. Or say hi if you want to friend me. I mean you can drive by friend me if you like, I'm kind of easy like that, but if ya wanna give a shout out you can do it here.

Update 06.21.13: Willing to bet I missed some things. Find the best and the recent at my AO3: FIC ARCHIVE


One's Other Stiles knows very well where he's supposed to end up. He just doesn't know how he is going to get there. He can't even figure out how to bring it up, how to tell anyone. For his part, Derek seems more than okay with pretending what is between them doesn't exist.


Real Hale This is the true story of seven werewolves, choosing to live together, working together to protect their territory, to find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real


It Is Verse: Here is how it was, how they got there, and what they are like today. 30 years told in under 24 hours. (This goes to the master post of It Is, Its An Honor, and It Isn't Easy) (Short Novel Length)


That’ll Leave a Mark: They knew when it would end. (Short)
Her Prince Charming: It wasn't fair. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Sandy POV on That'll Leave A Mark. (Short)
Choices: Jared's POV, complete with plot. (Not So Short)


Six Times Jared Freaked Out And Called Chad (AKA Six Times Chad Was Of No Help Whatsoever): Jared freaks out about Jensen. He calls Chad. Chad despenses advice


Fun Fact: Jared probably wrote the first J2-ed story on the internet, before most people RPS-ed, before the show really took off, before he actually thought about fucking Jensen.


The Best Of Days. The Worst Of Days.:What if you compared the best of one and the worst of the other, and in the end the worst is still better than the best?


Oblivious (aka: ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ remix): They're the last people to know.


Not Quite Slash: A loose association of crackish stories about the relationship of Jensen and Jared and their friends.
Master List
Supernatural v. Smallville: For the Pride of the Tribes (Not Slash - akaGen) They play for bragging rights forever
(Not Quite Slash) The Internet Thinks (Not Quite Slash) Jared finds out what the internet thinks and must share it with Jensen.
The Internet Thinks, Part 2 (Early Slashish) Jared has become a little obsessed by the internet and still must share it with Jensen.
Another Ex Girlfriend (Vaugely slashy) Jared sees an episode of Dancing with the Stars, he suddenly worries if he'll end up in Club Jensen Ackles' Exes
BJ (Vaugely Slashy) Chad makes a list. Jared and Jensen Check it twice. Then wish they didn't.
I'm Coming Out (aka Your Boyfriend Gives Great Head) (Fairly slashy) Jared thinks that they should come out. They mostly do. (Not Quite Slah) Chad comes to Jared's rescue.
Super Secret Mice Wrestling Invitational (Not Quite Slash) Mike has the most excellent idea.
Hitched: When the Bright Lights of Vegas Look Damn Appealing: (Quite Slash) Wedding. Mental breakdown. Power happy Misha. You know the usual.


When The World Ends That Is When We Begin: The world as they knew it ended. That is all it took for them to admit what they really wanted.
~sequel:When The World Ends; Life Keeps Going
~timestamp: When the World Ends; Return to Lender


Modern Family: Genevieve was smart enough to stop after two. Danneel was a trooper and went for a third. The result was the same though.


Out of Control (Werewolf AU): Jared Padalecki and his inner circle work hard and play harder, everybody in the territory knows it. Everybody in all the neighboring territories knows it. Everybody knows that he is groomed to be head of the Pack, and he's poised to take over. Jared's father is waiting, though. Waiting to see what Jared will do about his brother, about the neighboring rowdy Pack, about a mate...

When The Bough Breaks (Maybe It Always Needed To) : Jensen’s pretty happy going to school and raising his kid. Then he gets hit by a car.
The Cradle Will Fall (Maybe It Always Has Been Going Down) : Jared has no idea what is going on. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to see what happens
On The Tree Top (Maybe It Is Time To Get Down And Walk With The Mortals) : Danneel comes to a place that was formerly her home. Its now Jensen and Jared's home.
Down Will Come Baby (Maybe You Just Can Have It All): The Ackles find out about Jensen. Jensen finds out about Danneel. It probably is not the best day ever.


Boy Next Door Verse: In San Antonio Jared’s childhood friend comes home with a new boyfriend. Jared does not react well.
The Boy Next Door
Dating the Boy Next Door
Meeting the Boy Next Door’s Parents and Extended Family
Doing Life With The Boy Next Door I
Doing Life With The Boy Next Door 2


Ex-Hooker Verse: The only fic in the universe that combines hookers and Tolstoy (atleast in my mind)
Just a Name: They were.
Just Because You Leave, Doesn’t Mean Its Gone: They weren’t
Your Life Is Happening: They’re not any more
Just When You Thought It Was Gone, You're Still There.: They're moving on.


Live To This:When they first meet they’re just two screwed up people looking for something. It’s only supposed to be a one night stand, but they just can’t shake what they found in the dark Buteverything between them blew up in their short time together. Years later they’re even more screwed up and they’ve stopped looking for anything. But what was once there is still there.  (Long) ~timestamp: Living: Six Months after they’re still learning and building, finding out that family and home thing.


Ante Up:Jared is Jensen's assistant. They go to Vegas a few times a year. What happens in Vegas is never just Vegas. For them it's life.


What If We Just Stay Here Forever: Jensen was the brain, Danneel was the face, Jared was the personality. It worked when they were together. It didn’t when they weren’t. It really didn't when they weren't. Four and a half years later, Jensen really didn't want to care about anything anymore, didn't want to want anything ever, refused to admit that he could feel. Except for the one thing he knew he couldn't leave alone.


Step Into The Light: Retelling on 'I Am Number Four'. Jensen’s powers are manifesting. He’s growing up. Things are a little crazy, moving to a new town isn’t making things easier

Step Into The FIre: Step Into The Light is the beginning, this is the end. The war has been fought, the spoils come slowly.

Step Into Life: Sometimes war is just a love story.


America's Son:  It is said that you don’t get with both hands. Jensen Ackles is the exception to that rule. He was born into a family of power and privilege, he was positioned to be the best of them all. He embraced and liked his life as he got ready to fulfill the promise to be the next great leader.

At first sight Jared doesn’t know any of that, he just knows that the guy in the library is hot.

Bit by bit Jared learns about Jensen Ackles and what that means. And he learns that even perfect doesn’t mean an easy happy ending.
(There are five timestamps. Masterpost coming soon)


The Other Ever After:  Prince Jensen was four years old the first time he attempted to run away from a royal betrothal. This solid refusal was echoed every time it was even hinted out. His father, the king, thought that his wife had let his child be cursed at birth. His mother, the queen, thought that he was just going through a phase. Jensen just figured he was stubborn. They all were mostly wrong.

Byproduct of an Accidental Cupiding  Saying that Chad was the most disastrous Cupid in the history of the world wasn't some kind of hyperbole or fancy figurative speech.

Will The Real Dean and Sam Winchester Please Stand Up?: Jensen and Jared meet Sam and Dean. Kind of. And not at all.


A Galaxy Far Away: Jensen hates Telephaths.


Supernatural versus Smallville: This one shocked the hell out of me. Gen RPS? I mean totally no lustful gazes gen. But this is funny. They play for the pride the CW. Its just that cracked.


This Is the Start of a Beautiful Friendship or How Jensen and Jared Realized That They Would Be The Best Of Friends (And Also Very Very Very Manly Men) : Jared and Jensen are changed into their Spirit Animals. My Little Ponies.


Second City Sin: In 1900's Chicago in the Everleigh Club two people who would never have met are brought together as the world rumbles around them.

PROLOGUE One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. EPILOUGE.



Everything: But everything begins far before any kind of growing. When he was still small, and could remember what the top of Jared’s head looked like, Jensen stood before Gerald Padalecki.


Irresponsible: Sam gets Dean out of the deal. Sam has to put him together again.


Winchester Law: Its not like they sat down and voted on them, but rules are rules.
(Ficlets in a Framework)


Soulmates: Sam uses the word. Dean is not impressed.


In the Family Way: AU from Season one. What happens if there is a reason to stop. How are they Still Winchesters if it isn't just the free road and the Impala? What if there is more?



Finding a Faith That Works: Two Winchesters walk into a convent

Five Times John Had No Idea What To Say To Dean: Title pretty much is the summary.
(Ficlets in a Framework)


Another Night In the Bar: They're in a bar. They run into someone from their past.


I Always Knew How I Would Die (But I Never Thought I’d Live That Long): Jessica Moore was under no illusions. She always knew how she’d die.


Sometimes The Answer Takes Time: Sam never gives up on getting Dean out of hell. Crossover with Dark Angel
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