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AU RPS - Forgive Me For I Have Actually Done That.

Title: The Boy Next Door
Author: truelyesoteric
Rating: R
Pairings: Jared/Jensen; Jensen/Chris; Jared/Sandy
Warnings: Its RPS AU. Boy on Boy.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Nobody is paying me to write this.
Word Count: 3000+
Summary: In San Antonio Jared’s childhood friend comes home with a new boyfriend. Jared does not react well.
A/N: First this is not more of It Is. I’m about halfway through writing that and I needed a break, so I wrote this. Its totally not based on reality. Jensen and Jared are the same age and they both live in San Antonio.

"Jensen Ackles is gay," Megan said without any kind of preamble, "He came out and everything."

Jared was at the kitchen table, one arm slung around Sandy's chair the other resting on the table. They had come to Texas after their final year of college and Megan was catching them up on the latest gossip.

Jared stretched, but didn’t make any other kind of acknowledgement.

"Is that the guy who lives in the house behind yours?" Sandy asked looking out the window as if Jensen would suddenly appear with his smoking hot boyfriend.

Jared suddenly found his hands fascinating.

He had known Jensen since they were six, when the kid appeared in his back yard and asked if he wanted to play catch. There was a time when they had been inseparable, then Jared had started to play basketball and football and Jensen became a cheerleader and hung out with the theater crowd. They had just found different groups.

They had still been seen together occasionally, but it wasn't the same.

"Jared and Jensen were best friends," Megan informed Sandy, since Jared wasn't answering.

Sandy looked at him, "So, did you know?"

Jared made a face, "I have no idea what that kid did. He was weird."

Which was as close to the truth as a cricket was to a pineapple.


Jensen had his tongue so far down Chris' throat he never wanted to leave. The advantage of being out meant that he could sit in his back yard and make out with his boyfriend.

When the catcalls started and they whipped around.

Being out was one thing, but they were still in Texas, Jensen was still a bit jumpy.

There stood the youngest two Padalecki's and a very short girl. The girls had huge smiles on their faces, Jared looked like a brewing storm cloud.

"Very nice," Megan wolf whistled.

Jared pulled the shorter girl with him, "Get a room."

"Those girls are cool," Chris said in his slow drawl, "That dude, not so much."

Jensen just watched them. He hadn’t known that Jared was home.


They were having one of the typical Ackles/Padalecki picnics.

It wasn't going well.

Jared was quiet as all hell, boring holes into the middle Ackles.

"Babe," Sandy whispered, "If you don't stop glaring at Jensen and Chris someone is going to think that you're off put by alternative relationships."

Jared stared at where Chris and Jensen were curled up in each other. He stood up with a force that had the chair banging against the ground and walked into the house.

He heard the door open a few minutes later.

Jared was hunched over the kitchen block. And he didn't have to look up to know who was there.

"Wow," the familiar voice said, "You're putting douche at an all time high level."

Jared gritted his teeth and refused to look up.

Jensen moved around behind him.

"Your ‘friend’ is hot," Jensen said with barely contained venom, "She's got all these girl parts."

Jared would not look up at him, "That is how they make them these days."

“Indeed,” Jensen said blankly, pointing out the obvious without even saying the words.

Jared looked up pointedly at Jensen, and left alone the subtext, "Your boyfriend's a looker."

"That is how I pick 'em, hot and preferably not going through some kind of phase," Jensen's words were pure acid.

Jared snorted, "Right because you were daring Mindy Miller for two years because she was so your type," Jared glared into him, then he looked down, his voice going soft, "It was five fucking years. It wasn't a phase."

Jensen’s jaw dropped and Jared couldn’t do this any more. Jared pushed past him, needing an escape.


Jared stormed to the garage and a car was heard leaving the house.

Jensen went back outside.

"He's not usually like that..." Sandy smiled apologetically and Jensen looked down at her from the top of the porch.

And Jensen couldn’t stand this nice girl telling him things that he knew so much better.

"You really don't have to tell me what he's like."

And his voice was full of scorn and the party politely looked at his scowling face.

Maybe if he hadn't said that, it would have all blown over.

But Jensen was seething, and Chris knew Jensen too well. From the moment Jensen had seen Jared there had been something off. He just hadn’t known what it was.

But with the sparks flying between Jared and Jensen he was ready to take a wild leap into assumption.


Jensen looked at Chris who was standing in the Ackles empty kitchen. Outside the families were trying to maintain some sort of festive atmosphere after all the stamping off and such.

"What was that?" Jensen asked coming up quietly behind his boyfriend.

Chris turned and fixed him with a stare. His voice came out more sarcastic than he meant it to, "I thought your neighbor was going to turn out to be a homophobic Texas jock."

Jensen shrugged off the implications, "He kind of is."

"Right," Chris muttered, "So tell me why the guy was staring holes in me, not us, me."

Jensen shrugged, "I don't know."

Which was the logical answer, not so much the correct one.

"Have you ever hooked up with him," And Chris always went for the heart of the matter.

"Is that what this is about?" Jensen asked with practiced ease, escape and evade was a lesson he had learned early on being a gay boy in Texas and all, "Yeah I might have made the moves on him once. He decked me, he's obviously straight."

The first part was a bold face lie. The second part could be truthful, what with Sandy being there and all.

The reality was that Jensen knew better.


Megan walked in the room and sighed deeply. Jared was looking at the ceiling, ignoring the television completely.

"I know for a fact you're not the asshole that you've been the last couple of days," she announced.

Jared didn’t say anything.

“You don’t have any problem with the gays,” Megan continued, “I saw that much for myself.”

Jared let out a sigh a mile long, "We promised not to discuss this EVER."

"Hey its burned into my retinas," Megan pointed out, "I was the one who walked in on you getting sucked off."

Jared groaned, "We're not discussing this."

"You like guys," Megan reminded him, "You told me you did. Now that makes me wonder why the hell you've been such an ass to Jensen Ackles. Are you only okay with guys when they’re sucking you in the dark?" she said looking at him expectantly.

"Meggie," he whispered, "Don't go there."

She barreled on anyway.

She watched him, "You're my big brother and I've watched you over the years. You’re never really seen talking to Jensen, except that when you are, you're totally on the same page. You used to sneak out and run between the bushes. I followed one night and I saw you get into the car with him. I thought you were drinking or getting high, but now..."

Jared’s mouth seemed to work before his brain. He needed to get it out. He needed to tell someone.

"We were thirteen the first time we kissed.” He stopped and took a breath, “He was fifteen and had just gotten those braces off the first time he blew me. We were sixteen when we couldn't stop fucking."

His hazel eyes were piercing, he glared into her for making him say the words he never wanted to.

"We were going to wait until after college, to come out, to be together," Jared's voice hitched, "But he was tired of the closet, but I was on basketball scholarship, I couldn't do it then. He dumped me after freshman year. I don't know why. He just said as I was leaving for college sophomore year that he just didn’t see a future in us. Then I blew out my knee. I called him that night, I was so doped up and I just wanted him. I got three words out. He said he was seeing someone."

Jared looked up at her, tears threatening to fall.

"So I fucked anything that remotely moved until I met Sandy and I decided to keep her because she is the complete opposite of him."

He dared her to comment.

Megan reached out for him.

"Christian fucking Kane is a music god and boyfriend of three years and I still feel like the stupid kid with a crush on Jensen Ackles," Jared ground out, barely audible from the crook of her shoulder, "Can we put this on the list for things we never discuss ever again."

Megan held him close.

She didn't make any comment that she noticed his tears.


At the Fourth of July Party both Megan and Jared glared at Jensen.

Megan was so snide that their mother was beside herself that her children could be so rude.

In the end, Jeff hustled them and took them inside.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two, you’re going to make momma cry," Jeff said.

Jared looked at the ground. He was becoming a professional at avoiding eye contact during his stay at home. Which was good really because he typically was an open book.

Megan closed her mouth, she wasn't going to spill Jared's secrets.

Jeff looked at the two of them. "Get it together," he growled.


The party went downhill from there.

There was beer.

Jared knew that much because everything got hazy. Sandy and Chris seemed to be getting along so Jared definitely drank beer.

And he was standing between the house and the hedge with Jensen.

And it got very hazy.

It came in clips.


They were fighting.


"Damn it Jay, I'm trying to cover your sorry ass," Jensen said harshly whispering, "I'm trying to save you from having to explain to everyone."

"Fuck you Jen," Jared slurred, "Maybe I don't want saving."


"You never asked me, just assumed," Jared said lunging forward.

"And you'd be okay with your momma knowing that you fucked me on an almost daily basis?" Jensen said, not noticing the raw, aching tone of his voice that clearly carried to the back yard.

"Well I might put it differently," Jared said tersely.


Jensen spoke in a voice that probably the entire neighborhood heard.

"I was fucking there when you discovered you had prostate. You thought rapture was upon us. Does Sandy use those little fingers on your ass? Have you felt anything like what you felt with me?”


And then Jared pushed him against the wall, wanting, needing, and feeling relief of the last four years roll off of him. He was kissing Jensen and Jensen was kissing him back. It was familiar. They had learned how to kiss on each other.

Jared didn’t know what he was doing, but he had his hand down Jensen’s pants and Jensen was making those noises that Jared had heard every time he jerked off in the shower.

The weight of Jensen in his hand was heaven and home.


“Jared Tristan Padalecki.”

It was his momma’s voice.

Jared pulled away from Jensen and it was all hazy because he just wanted more Jensen.

But they had a crowd.

Half the neighborhood. The Ackles. The Padalecki crew.

And Chris and Sandy.

Jared didn’t remember much beyond that.


Jared woke up with a mother of a hangover.

Jeff sat on the chair across from the bed and held out water.

"Congratulations, you have now effectively prevented anything I do at a family party as being over the top."

Jared groaned.

He remembered the familiar feel of Jensen's lips before he had been torn away. There had been yelling, but he had only seen those green eyes focused on him.

"Anything you want to tell me little brother?" Jeff asked.

Jared buried his face in the pillow, "I kind of might like dick occasionally."

"You're not just hiding some rabid homosexuality?" Jeff questioned.

Jared glared at him, "Nope I've done plenty of field research. I like 'em both."

"Jensen Ackles?" Jeff asked.

Jared lay back and his voice dropped to a whisper, "I like him best."

Jeff regarded him without betraying any emotion.

"Well you certainly made a scene," Jeff finally said.

Jared groaned.

“You didn’t ask about the wreckage.

"Sandy?" Jared asked finally remembering.

"She and Chris are gone," Jeff said, giving more information than he was asked.

Jared nodded. His girlfriend of a year was not a happy camper. She had left with barely a word.

Jeff tried for levity, "But on an up note momma's knitting a rainbow flag. Daddy is a little disturbed though."

Jared buried himself in his pillows and promptly prepared to die there.


Jensen wasn't ever going to move again, he was going to sit there and contemplate if it was possible to die of humiliation.

He felt a rustle and a little body slide in next to his.

He pulled her close, "You're really not my type."

She smacked him.

They lay in silence for a second.

"I was there when you discovered you had a prostate?" Mackenzie finally asked, trying not to giggle.

Jensen groaned, of all the things in the world that was probably THE one of those he wish that his momma hadn’t heard him say, "Yes, I'm a classy guy."

And that made Mackenzie die of laughter.


Jared lay on the picnic table, it was lightly raining, but it felt good. He could not be in the house any longer. He felt like he was suffocating. He lay in the rain with his arm flung over his eyes, because even though it was cloudy the light hurt his eyes.

He heard footsteps and someone flop down in the vicinity of his feet.

They just sat like that in the drizzle.

"It was that last week before you left for your sophomore year," Jensen began, "We’d spent the summer together and the week in Cabo, just the two of us. That’s when I realized I wanted it, I wanted the normal everyday thing, the laughing with you, fighting, playing cards, drinking tequila, watching your throw up."

Jared smiled under his arm at the memory.

"I knew I loved you,” Jensen said hoarsely as if he just needed to get that out, “I just wanted it okay for us to be together, but you were asking me to wait and I got scared. I realized then that you liked girls that you probably were just putting me off. I just wanted now or never, okay? I broke up this fucked up relationship because I thought that Cabo was the only high point that I was going to get."

Jared slowly moved his arm and then his head. He squinted at Jensen.

"Junior Year, sixth period lunch, February 27," Jared told him.

Jensen raised an eyebrow, "And what happened then?"

"I was at the lunch table and you walked by with the drama kids and you were all talking and laughing. I was sitting with my crowd. You walked right by and took some of my French fries. I said 'Fuck you Ackles' you turned around, licked your fingers and grinned. You said 'Any time Padalecki.' It was in the middle of school, our friends, and our life at that moment, but you were just so confident, composed. I didn't know what I wanted to do with you, bend you over the table, ask you if you wanted more fries, but that day and everyday since I've just wanted to drown in you. I knew I was in love with you and nothing has compared to that feeling since."

Jensen blinked, "You can't be serious."

Jared just attempted to nod.

Jensen looked down at his hands, not knowing what to say.

Jared looked at him and shook his head sadly, he moved to get up.

He felt a soft pulling on his wrist, nothing to keep him if he didn't still. He felt the little circles being caressed into his pulse.

" I've broken up with you with out dating you or discussing why. I've outed you to the entire city. I’ve been found with you in a position that breaks every public decency law. I'm pretty sure that your girlfriend dumped you because of me," Jensen said seriously, "But maybe you would think about having dinner with me, for real this time?"

Jared looked down at him.

He had been thirteen the first time he kissed Jensen. He had kissed two girls before that and it had been kind of gross. But, it had been a rainy day and they were sitting under the porch, hiding from their mothers. It was rainy and the subject had turned to his two ill begotten kisses and Jensen's one. They started talking and some how Jared had leaned in. It was a mess, their hands were slippery from the rain and they were sitting in mud. Their hands tried to grab on to any of the other's body parts. Then Jensen had licked into his mouth and something happened to liquidate his insides. They kissed for what seemed like a blink and an eternity.

Jared remembers pulling away looking at Jensen's startled eyes, panting for all he was worth.

They didn't have any maturity enough to talk about what was going on, they just kept doing it and nothing else seemed to measure up.

Jared just remembered thinking all those years ago, looking into Jensen’s eyes, that he would never be able to breathe again.

In the mist, years, eons later Jared looked down at him, smiling shyly as he inhaled for the first time since he had first kissed Jensen.

Dating the Boy Next Door
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