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Truely Esoteric

es·cap·ism (noun): habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity

2 December
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I write fic in my spare time. Love it hate it read it don't read it. I love that writing fictional gay love stories between real people is actually a hobby one can have. Do not be scared if RPS is not your thing. I'm kind of all over the board. I retired in October 2012. I am planning on doing 3 Big Bangs in three fandoms in 2013, so that went well. Long live writing.

As for friending...go ahead. I'm easy like that. I don't always notice immediately and I friend back based on whims and occasionally I de-friend on whims. Nothing is meant to be personal. I just read my f-list for reading purposes or amusement. Just cause I don't friend doesn't mean I don't love.

Also I love polls. I like making them so if you hate random questions and deciding things keep that in mind while friending.

ETA: As of 2013 I'm just going to post all my stories on A03 for a whole bunch of reasons that really can be summed up in the fact that it is just easier. Please read anyway.